• Primary Care

    Our goal at Family Tree is to treat as well as educate the patient. We encourage you to ask questions, learn about nutrition, and take an active role in your care. We focus on the main cause instead of just treating symptoms.
  • Do I need a physical?

    Everyone should have a physical each year. If you are in a sedimentary job or an active adult, physicals can detect small problems before they become full blown issues.
  • Hours of Operation

    • Monday - Friday
      8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    • Saturday
      by appointment
    • Sunday
  • HIV Information

    In 2015, 17,349 Arizonans had HIV/AIDS. Find out if you are at risk.

  • STD Testing

    NOT KNOWING is the biggest risk. We offer In office STD testing as well as mobile STD testing. Call for locations and times, or check back for our online calendar.